How To Recover Deleted Text Messages ? [Latest]

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages ? [Latest]

Have you accidently lost some of your important text messages from your android phone and want to know the best method to recover deleted messages?, then you have come to the right place. Today, here in this post I will be sharing with you the best method on how to recover deleted messages from phone.

If you have messages backed up on cloud, then it is very easy to recover them, but if not, then it becomes difficult. And to make this simple, here in this post, I have shared with you the best method to recover deleted text messages from your android phone.

Is it really possible to recover deleted messages from your android phone ?

While it is not guaranteed that you will definitely be able to get back your deleted text messages but who knows if any of the methods stated in this post works in your case. So, don't lose hope.

Android phones do not have any recycle bin or similar function where all your data goes when deleted. So, you must from now on regularly backup your data. I am not saying of SMSs only but also other important documents because who knows which thing might become much important in the coming future. You can use any way of back-up whether it be online or offline using any hard drive.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Phone ?

Method-1) Ask the Reciever/Sender of the SMS
You may ask the person whom you have messaged or recieved message from to provide you the screenshot of the message from his phone. This is the best method which comes very handy sometimes but do not comes into mind when someone is struck in this situation.

Method-2) Restore From Google Drive
If you may have once by-mistake backed-up your SMS data on Google Drive and now forgot, then this method may work for you. To try this method follow the steps given below:-

Step-1) When you delete any text message from your android phone, it is not immediately removed from your phone. It will leave a free space with inactive data in it until it is overwrited by some new data. So, in this case, you must immediately switch your android phone to Airplane Mode and don't use any function like camera of your phone.

Step-2) Open Google Drive. Go to Menu → Settings → Google Backup. If your device has been backup-up in the past, then you should see the name of your device listed there. Then just select the device and backup your text messages from the last backup.

Method-3) Restore via Third-Party Apps
This method requires a PC and rooted phone. There are many Recovery Softwares available on the Internet, some of which are paid and some are free-of-cost. But using these Recovery Softwares is a bit risky as it requires rooted phone and gets access to all important device data. Do a good research about any of these softwares before using them to be safe from any scams.

So, these methods stated above were the best methods to recover deleted text messages from phone. If any of the above methods worked for you, do share these methods with others in need. If you face any problem, feel free to comment it in the comments section.

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