[Application] How To Apply In Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana ? Download Form

[Application] How To Apply In Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana ? Download Form

Haryana government has implemented several schemes keeping the women of Haryana in mind during its rule. The positive results of which are currently being seen. Meanwhile, the government of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has implemented a more profitable scheme which will benefit girls studying in Haryana region. The name of this important scheme is - ” Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana”. Though the scheme was fully run by the Chief Minister in the last year ,i.e., 2020, but most people were not able to take advantage of it due to incomplete information so far. For the purpose of removing this dilemma, we are going to give you information related to Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana like How can you get Haryana Free Cycle Scheme? and What are the conditions laid by the government for Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana, etc. 

What Is Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana ?

Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana is such a scheme of the Government of Haryana under which the government gives bicycles free of cost to girls pursuing education from government schools in the state. This cycle is given to girls belonging to Scheduled Caste family of the state for which they have to apply in time. Sixth, ninth and eleventh grade students studying in State Government Schools whose school's distance from home is more than 2 kilometers, only they are given the benefit of Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana.

How much money for which cycle under Haryana Free Bicycle Scheme ?

Under the Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana, the government will give free bicycles of two sizes to the girls. One 20 inches and the other 22 inches. Out of these two students can take a cycle of any size according to their convenience. 2525 rupees for 20 inch cycle by the government will be put in the bank accounts of the applicants. And at the same time, on taking 22-inch cycles, the government will provide money of Rs 2775.

Important terms related to Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana

Immediate payment :- To give the benefit of this facility, the government has placed an important condition. That the students have to pay the cost of the bicycle first, after which money will be added to their account by the government.

Resident of Haryana :- According to one main condition, whichever girl is going to take benefit of the Haryana Free Cycle Scheme, is mandatory to be fully resident of Haryana because Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana has been implemented only in Haryana and only Haryana government will give money for this.

Government School :- Only those girls have been included under Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana who is getting education from a government school in Haryana. If a student is studying in a private school, so she cannot apply for Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana.

Selected Classes :- Under Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana, only three classes have been selected by the government, which are classes 6, 9 and 11. Students of any other class will not get the benefit of Haryana Free Bicycle Scheme.

Scheduled Caste :- An important condition has also been laid by the government that free cycles will be given to the girls belonging to Scheduled Castes only. Girls of any other caste will not be considered valid for this facility.

School-Home Distance More Than 2 km :- A fixed limit has also been set by the government, according to which the student whose School-to-Home distance is more than 2 kilometers. They will be given free bicycles.

How to apply in Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana ?

There is no need to visit any government office for application in Haryana Free Cycle Yojana,  nor is there any online facility provided by the government to avail this scheme. To avail this scheme, the girl's family will have to directly contact the Principal or the concerned officer of the school. You will easily get the application form attached to the scheme via them, which have been directly transferred to schools by Haryana Education Department.

Important Documents with Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana Form

Many documents related to Haryana Free Cycle Scheme will be required along with the application form like :-

Caste certificate :- Along with the application form, you will have to get a copy of your caste certificate by which it can be ensured that the applicant is from the scheduled caste.

Permanent address :- You will have to provide any such document with you on which your permanent address is shown, from which it can be estimated that your house falls at a distance of two kilometers or more from the school. For this purpose, Aadhar card, ration card documents etc. will be valid.

Bank copy :- One of the most important documents is bank copy because whatever fixed amount of money will be given by the government for the payment of bicycle will be put in the account of the applicant.

Identity Card :- While submitting the documents, any government-made identity card will also have to be submitted in which names, ages etc. are written correctly.

So, in this article, you have been informed about all the important things related to Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana run by Haryana Government. By reading this, you can also take advantage of Haryana Free Bicycle Yojana. If you like this information. So you can also share it with your friends, relatives.

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