Top 5 Cryptocurrency In India 2021 | Information On Top 5 Cryptocurrency In India 2021

Top 5 Cryptocurrency In India 2021 | Information On Top 5 Cryptocurrency In India 2021

You all must be aware of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and must also be aware of how it changed the lives of many people amongst whom many are Indians too. Bitcoin is one of the most rapidly increasing cryptocurrency. But as now Bitcoin has touched millions as you all know, thats why now many people cannot invest in it and these people must now be very upset for they did not invested in it at its initial phase when its price was low. But it is also not very appreciable to invest in the initial phase in any cryptocurrency, as many cryptocurrencies have looted many people. But as you all know investment is a risky thing and risk has to be taken in it to achieve something big.

Today, many cryptocurrencies are just looting people as people are not getting any desired return from them. So, to help you in the process of choosing the best cryptocurrency to invest in, I have created a list of Top 5 Cryptocurrency In India.

So, here our list begins,

 1.) BitCoin Cryptocurrency :-  At the top of this list comes our most favourite and most trending cryptocurrency,i.e, Bitcoin. Today all of us are aware of it and most of us must also be investing in it. According to the online sources, at this time 1 Bitcoin = Indian Rupees 17,06,059 = USD 23,250 .

2.) Ethereum Cryptocurrency :- Commonly called as ETH among people, today Ethereum has taken place 2nd in our list of Top 5 Cryptocurrency In India. Its all because people found it trustworthy and today are getting good results by investing in this cryptocurrency and are making great profits.
According to online sources, at this time, 1 ETH = Indian Rupees 48,961.40 = USD 665.59 .

3.) Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency :- (Also called BCH) Like Bitcoin, this Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency is rapidly increasing and it has secured 3rd place in our list of Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency In India. Talking of its price at this time, 1 Bitcoin Cash = Indian Rupees 23,962.66 = USD 325.76
According to Price Prediction of Bitcoin Cash by a platform Smartereum, it tells that this cryptocurrency has the potential to rise to about $6700 by the end of 2021.

4.) Ripple Cryptocurrency :- Ripple cryptocurrency is also one of the most rapidly increasing cryptocurrencies. Due to its rapid increase and trust with people, it has been listed at number 4 in this list of Top 5 Cryptocurrency In India 2021.
Talking of its price, at this time 1XRP = Indian Rupees 18 = USD 0.22

5.) Litecoin Cryptocurrency :- Also known as LTC, Litecoin is growing very rapidly not only in India but also in other nations all over the world.
Talking of its price, at this time 1LTC = Indian Rupees 9,034.64 = USD 124.64

So, this was all about Top 5 Cryptocurrency In India. I hope you got enough knowledge about various cryptocurrency. Always remember to invest only in good cryptocurrency. Those cryptocurrencies which I have included in my list may have gone through various ups and downs from the time I have written this post and by the time you read it. So, only invest after proper and good research. I have written this article only to provide you with some rough idea. If you liked this post, do share this on your social accounts with your friends. 

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