[Solved] How To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos In 2021 ?

[Solved] How To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos In 2021 ?

Are you running a YouTube Channel and have by-mistake deleted your YouTube video and are searching for 'How To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos In 2021' ? So, here in this post you will get solution to all your problems regarding Get Back Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos.

Method - 1 : Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos Using WayBack Machine

So the first and the best method by which you can recover your Deleted/Lost YouTube Video is by using WayBack Machine which is a digital archive of the World Wide Web which allows you to go-back in time and see how a website or anything on the World Wide Web looked in the past.

So, here are the Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Video Using WayBack Machine :-

Step-1) Access the URL of the YouTube Video that you want to recover. You can get the url from your YouTube Email Account or from your web history if you have played your video anytime before it was deleted/lost.

Step-2) Now after getting the URL of the video, go to WayBack Machine and put the deleted/lost video's URL in the Search Box and click on Browse History.
[Solved] How To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos In 2021 ? | WayBack Machine

Step-3) After clicking on Browse History, a full History Calendar of the YouTube video will appear where you can get the video by selecting the respective time period.

Step-4) Now after accessing your YouTube video , just download it and if you want to upload it again, you can upload it.

This method may not work for you if your YouTube video url is not archived by WayBack Machine.

But don't panic, if this method do  not works go on to the next method.

Method-2 : Getting Help From YouTube Creator Support Team :-

So, in this method you can request an email to YouTube Creators Support Team to restore your Deleted/Lost YouTube video on your channel again. But to get the Contact Support your YouTube Channel must be in YouTube Partner Program.

So, here are the Steps To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Video using YouTube Creator Support :-

Step-1) Sign in to your YouTube account and go to your YouTube Studio.
[Solved] How To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos In 2021 ? | YouTube Studio

Step-2) Click on the Help Button on the top of the page beside Create Button.
[Solved] How To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos In 2021 ? | Help

Step-3) A help window will open. Search for Contact the YouTube Creator Support Team and follow the instructions there and then request to restore your lost/deleted YouTube video.

This method will hopefully help you if your Channel is in YouTube Partners Program.

Method-3 : Restore Your Deleted/Lost YouTube Video From Any Backup source, if you have any

Many YouTubers usually store their videos on their PCs or smartphones for backup purposes. So, if you also have any backup of your Lost/Deleted YouTube Video, then you can get your video back from that. Usually if you have an android phone where you have stored your YouTube Video and you have enabled Backup Videos on your google account, then you can find the video on your Google Account.

So, these all were the methods to solve 'How To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos In 2021' this problem. If none of the methods worked for you don't be panic, you can post your queries on Google Forums where someone from Google Team will definitely help you regarding this issue.

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