What is Google Sandbox ? How To Prevent Your Website From it ? [Full Information]

What is Google Sandbox ? Know Full Details

Hello Friends! Are you searching for What is Google Sandox and How to remove your website from Google Sandbox or how to protect your website from Google Sandbox ?

So, today in this post I will brief all these topics one by one. So, let's start.

What is Google Sandbox ?

Google Sandbox is an algorithm of Google which acts like a filter or it is a filter. So, filter of what?

 So, actually if you have recently started blogging so you must have faced problem in ranking your site, you must have seen that your site do not ranks for months, due to facing the same problem many new bloggers loose hopes or patience and quit blogging after a short time interval because they do not get any result.

So, what is the relation of this with Google Sandbox?

Actually, if your site is new then it is filtered as a new site by Google and is sent to Google Sandbox and once it is sent to google sandbox it becomes very hard to rank it, thats why many new bloggers search and use  methods to prevent their sites from getting into Google Sandbox.

Point To Be Noted :- Google has never disclosed this Google Sandbox with its users and according to them there is no Google Sandbox, but according to many professional bloggers, Google Sandbox is present in this blogging field.

Why New Websites/Blogs Sent To Google Sandbox ?

According to many pro bloggers, due to increasing online scams/frauds, google send many new websites to Google Sandbox.

All new website created are firstly not trustworthy, that's why we should always write quality and unique blog posts to increase the trust score of our website, so that Google will recognize it as a trustworthy website and then your blog/website will gradually start growing. Also you should work on  growing social following of your website so that its trust score increase.

How To Check Whether Your Website/Blog is on Google Sandbox Or Not ?

There are some symptoms of a site sent to Google Sandbox, if your website faces any of these symptoms, then it shows your website is in Google Sandbox. The symptoms are as follows :-

1.) Your Blog Posts are not ranking on Google for months.

2.) Blog post not ranking even after proper optimization.

3.) Your articles with excellent keywords not appearing in even top 100.

4.) Your articles after ranking on Google after some time get removed from Google Search Results Page.

How To Get Your Website Out Of Google Sandbox ?

So, as you know that once your website gets into Google Sandbox, it will not appear in Google Search for atleast 1-6 months. So, to prevent this from happening with your website, here are some of the tips that I want to share with you all :-

1.) Keep you website up-dated.

2.) Post regulaly on you blog/website.

3.) Increase the loading speed of your website.

4.) Use good low competetion keywords in your website/blog post.

5.) Create Social Media Pages for your website and increase followers.

6.) Do not copy other people artiles, i.e., post only unique articles.

7.) Use custom domains rather than free domain.

Following these tips will help you in saving your website/blog from Google Sandbox.

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