[Latest 2021] How To Buy A Domain From GoDaddy At Lowest Price [Using Promo Codes]

[Latest 2021] How To Buy A Domain From GoDaddy At Lowest Price [Using Promo Codes]

Today, if you want the online presence of your website or blog, the very first important thing required is a domain name for your blog/website. Many of you who have already register a domain name for their blog/website must be knowing the importance of having one. A domain name for your blog/website not only just brings your website online but also helps in building a brand and improving your business.
So, if you are thinking of buying a domain on GoDaddy , here is what all you need.

So, lets first understand Domain Name

As your house address helps people find you in the world, similarly a domain name helps people find your website/blog on the Internet or Word Wide Web [WWW].
A simple example of a domain name is www.example.com  where:-
www is the hostname
example is the second-level domain
com is the top-level domain

Here are some best top-level domains that rank fast and have high authority :

Some beneficial tips for selecting best domain name for your blog/website :-

Domain name is the first impression that makes an image of your blog/website in front of the users. A good domain name with correct choice of keywords can benefit a lot in ranking your blog/website.
To make sure that your blog/website domain name leaves a good impression on the users and ranks good in search engines, you must be aware of some necessary things :-

  • You must use good and catchy keywords in your domain name that defines your blog/website and memorable for users. You can check SEMrush Keyword Magic Trial to find great keywords for your blog/website which will help you in ranking your blog/website on search engines.
  • Choose a good and top-level extension like .com for your blog/website because it is easy to remember and easy to rank.
  • A perfect domain should be short and easy to remember, without hyphens, which describes your blog/website.
  • Don't go for free TLDs like .tk , .ga , .ml , etc.

What are domain name registrar ?

Domain name registrar are companies that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. Learn more about domain name registrar from Wikipedia

Is GoDaddy Good For Buying Domain Names ?

GoDaddy is a well-known domain registrar and frequently comes up with big offers on domain names.

Steps For GoDaddy Domain Name Registration :-

  • Go to google.com
  • Search for 'GoDaddy'GoDaddy India
  • I am in India, so I will be shown in.godaddy.com  . Similarly, if you are in some other country so you will be shown the website version of that respective country.
  • Now open the site.
    GoDaddy India HomePage
  • On the home page of the site, you will be shown various offers on domains like in the picture shown.

  • Now, if you have already planned a domain name, enter it in the "Find Your Perfect Domain" Search Box and click on Search button. Eg. yourdomainname
    GoDaddy India Domain Name Search
  • Now you will be shown various domains with their prices. In this case .com is already registered. Here, GoDaddy provides a Broker Service. Here the fee given is not of the domain but of Broker Service and you will have to pay the extra price for the negotiated price of domain name. To learn more about it click on ''See How It Works''.
  • So now if you don't want to buy that already registered domain, you can browse the next available domains by scrolling down.
  • Choose the domain name and click on 'Add To Cart'. Here, I have selected ''yourdomainnamereviews.xyz'' whose price is Rs.99 FOR THE FIRST YEAR.
  • YOU MUST CHECK THE DOMAIN NAME SPELLING SERIOUSLY as in this case I wanted yourdomainname.(some extension) but I selected 'yourdomainnamereviews.xyz'.
  • Now after clicking on add to cart you will be shown something like this.
    GoDaddy India Domain Buy Add To Cart
  • Its by default selected 2 years, you have to select 1 year to recieve the domain at Rs.99
    GoDaddy India Domain Name At Rs.99 First Year
  • Now Click on 'Continue To Cart'.
    GoDaddy India Domain Registration Additional Features
  • Now on the next page,  choose the additional features (if you want) with your domain name, otherwise select "No Thanks". [NOTE :- Additional Features Will Cost Extra Money]. Here I have selected no additional features.
  • Now Click On ''Continue To Cart''.
    GoDaddy India Domain Purchase Basket
  • Now you will be directed to the Purchase Basket where you can review what you have added to your cart. [SubTotal given in exclusive of tax]
  • Now click on Check Out.
  • Now you will be required to Create A Account on GoDaddy. If you have already created a account on GoDaddy, click on 'Sign In'.

  • Now after signing in , if you have already given your 'Billing Information', then you will be directly taken to payment option, otherwise you will have to provide your billing information.
    GoDaddy India Domain Payment
  • Select a Payment Method from the available payment options and provide your payment details and click on 'Save'.
    GoDaddy India Domain Complete Purchase
  • Now you will be directed to Complete Purchase. Here you can add some domains if you want and can also apply promo codes by clicking on 'Have A Promo Code?' option. Get GoDaddy Latest Promo Codes from its official site :- Go To GoDaddy Promo Code Page
  • Now after reviewing everything, if you don't find any problem, click on 'Complete Purchase' button.
  • Now you will be redirected to Payment Gateway where you have to confirm your purchase and then after purchase done you will be provided a reciept of your purchase on GoDaddy site itself as well as in your e-mail box.

That's all , now you have successfully purchase a domain name from GoDaddy

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Some Frequently Asked Questions On Domain Name Registration

Q-1.) Can I Get A GoDaddy Free Domain ?
Ans.) Yes, with a hosting plan at GoDaddy, you get a domain for free.

Q-2) Can I Buy A Domain From GoDaddy And Host Elsewhere ?
Ans.) Yes, you can buy a domain name from GoDaddy and can host it elsewhere.

Q-3) Can GoDaddy Register Domain Without Hosting ?
Ans.) Yes, you can register domain on GoDaddy without hosting plan.


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